Gift Card

stopBefore you buy a gift certificate, please consider the following:

Is recipient available during week day hours?

Is recipient comfortable with a male massage therapist?

If answering ‘No’ to either of those, then please DO NOT buy a gift certificate for my services. All services are performed by Brian Polzin and the gift certificate is ONLY redeemable for those services. My evening hours (after 4:00) and weekends are permanently booked up and only become available if current clients have a scheduling conflict arise. So if recipient wishes to have an evening appointment, it most likely will never happen on my schedule (the downside to providing massage to this area for 20+ years).

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-click above link to buy, print or email (color printer best for printing gift certificates) – just pick a design, a dollar amount, fill in names and purchase securely online-

Call 715-345-2777 if you need assistance

Gift Certificates and Gift Cards are redeemable for services only

All Gift Cards or Gift Certificates from Steaming Stone Spa will only be honored for services provided by Brian Polzin beginning August 1, 2015.



Gift Certificates & Gift Cards:

Gift “Certificates” are coupons or certificates printed on some type of paper (they could be from the Spa directly or printed from purchaser off our website). New Gift Card laws exempt “paper form” Gift Certificates; they apply to plastic Gift Cards.  As of December 2010, Gift Certificates issued on paper will have an expiration of 1 year + 1 month “grace” period.  Special coupons or discount certificates may have a shorter expiration date.  The day after a Gift Certificate expiration date, all paper form gift certificates expire and their value becomes zero.

Gift “Cards” are plastic cards and are loaded with a dollar amount only. They are not refundable and non-redeemable for cash. You should protect and treat like cash. Gift Cards cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.  Gift Card/Certificate must be presented at time of purchase.

Current gift cards with full color logo are a plastic card with a loaded dollar value. Those will never expire as they are processed ‘in-house’. They are just for a set dollar value and not for specific services.

– new gift card design (July 2008)

 We will no longer be accepting any ‘national’ gift cards / certificates (such as SpaFinder or SpaWish) after March 31, 2015.

Gift Cards, in theory, never expire. However, since we changed our gift card vendor in 2008, the ‘old’ gift cards (black logo on silver background ) are obsolete as of April 15, 2010 (nearly 2 years after last one sold). The federal and state gift card non-expiration laws did not go into effect until after these were expired. If you do not redeem those by that date, it will no longer have value.

– old gift card

– phone number on back of card no longer linked to the card for accurate balance information